In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I would share this heart-warming story of Andy and Jack Hoffman from earlier this year. Jack is a 7 year old brain cancer patient in Nebraska. He had two surgeries and a 60 week schedule of chemotherapy over two years since the diagnosis in 2011. While on a break from his chemotherapy treatment, he went with his father for a special
treat offered to them from the University of Nebraska during their football spring game in April. 

Jack’s father, Andy, thought that they would just get to go down to the field, meet some players and get some autographs. But the Cornhuskers had something else in mind. On the final play of the game, Nebraska brought in Jack as a running back on fourth and one. After the snap, Jack took the ball from his
own 31 yard line and ran it 69 yards into the end zone in front of 60,000+ fans. 
“It is a lot of emotions all at once,” Andy said about watching his son score the touchdown. Check out this wonderful video above of the day Jack scored the winning touchdown for the Red squad. 

But the Hoffman’s story doesn’t begin nor end with this football game. Andy has been on a mission to educate the country about pediatric cancer. He notes that most of the 13,500 cases of pediatric cancer diagnosed each year have archaic therapy strategies that are older than 25 years.

 “I don’t know why God chose Jack to have this,” said Andy, “but I do know that we can do something good out of it and that is to promote the improvement of the treatments for the disease. This isn’t about Jack. It’s not about us. It’s about the old archaic treatment regimens that America needs to do something about. God
picked our family to deal with this and we’re going to do the right thing.”

 For more information about what Jack goes through on a day-to-day basis with his chemotherapy, read this inspiring article: http://www.omaha.com/article/20130417/HUSKERS/704179785&template=mobileart

See more about Jack's story in the video below.

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