Kevin Saunders has a remarkable story of perseverance in the face of tragedy. If you've ever felt down and out, discouraged, beaten or broken, Kevin Saunders has been there.  But he rose from those ashes to become a champion.

Like any other young man from the Kansas countryside, Kevin Saunders was fresh out of college and starting a family. He worked long hours as a Federal grain elevator inspector. Touring facilities day after day in the heat, he knew the job wouldn't be easy - but he didn't know it would nearly take his life.

On a busy afternoon like any other, Kevin heard the sound he would never forget ... one explosion, and then another, snapping like popcorn in the distance. The rising volume and tremor of the floor told an unmistakable truth - that the building he was standing in would soon burst into flames. And, in a matter of seconds, it did. Before he had time to even think or move, a blast rocketed the office and sent him over a 2-story building three hundred feet into the air. When rescuers found him, he was lying a quarter of a mile away in a parking lot, bent and broken at the chest.

For days, Kevin lay teetering on the edge of life and death, even hearing his doctor admit to a visitor that there "wasn't any hope." Against all odds, he survived his injuries only to find that the real trauma was about to begin. Paralyzed from the chest down, he struggled to find a new meaning and focus for his life. Abused and abandoned by his young wife, his life fell into disarray. Divorced, bankrupt, and utterly alone, Kevin fell into a deep depression. 

But rather than remain miserable, Kevin did what he now teaches audiences around the world to do - he decided to keep moving forward. By sharpening his body and mind together, he became a world class competitor. Athletically, he won hundreds of gold medals and earned the title of "the greatest all-around wheelchair athlete in the world." And that success was only the beginning. He's gone on to feature in a major motion picture, serve under two administrations on the President's Council on Physical Fitness, participate in "the biggest turnaround in college sports history," push his wheelchair across North America and Europe, and even pen five books and appear on shows like ESPN, USA Today and countless other national, international and local media outlets.  Read more at his website: http://www.kevinsaunders.com/.

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