Liu Wei is a twenty five year old disabled pianist from Beijing, China. He was just ten years old when he had both arms amputated after touching a high-voltage wire during a game of hide-and-seek. Despite his new challenges, Liu Wei was determined to learn to care for himself. His parents encouraged him to learn to do things on his own, so that he would be able to grow up as a productive member of society. His mother would always remind him that he was no different from the others, but that he had to work harder to achieve success.

While in the hospital, Lui met an armless painter and he used that as inspiration and motivation to learn to do more things for himself. He learned to use his feet to write, to eat, to brush his teeth, pick up objects and all other tasks of daily living.  Liu Wei even learned to be an excellent swimmer and, in 2002, he won two gold medals and one silver medal at the Chinese National Swimming Championships for the Disabled.

He started playing piano seven years ago at the age of 18. It was difficult and he often had to practice seven hours a day, just to progress. In 2010, he entered the China's Got Talent competition and he moved the audience to tears with his first performance. Lui Wei went on to win he competition with his final performance. (see video above)

Liu Wei is an amazing role model for anyone who feels that they have challenges in their life that are too great to overcome. He continues to inspire people across the world every day.

In 1992, Hector Picard was working as an electrician when he suffered a most horrific accident. It almost cost him his life. The tragic incident caused 13,000 volts of electricity to enter his body leaving second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. He spent four weeks in a coma and when he awoke he learned that his right arm and half of his left arm had to be amputated. He was only 24 years old at the time of the accident and he was forced to adjust to his new reality. He was now a bi-lateral amputee.

Hector decided that he would not live in depression. He would not allow his situation to go into a downward spiral where his life ended. In many ways, his life was just beginning. Hector decided to train for and compete in triathlons. He wanted to do it for himself but also to give inspiration to other people who live with disabilities.

Since July 2009, Hector has competed in over 30 triathlon events, including seven Half-Iron Man triathlons, five Olympic triathlons and even two international triathlons. Hector lives in Miami and was named the recipient of the 2010 Paul Mitchell Spirit Award for U.S. Para-Triathlete of the Year.

Hector says that his goal in competing in events is to bring awareness to the physical challenged and show their capabilities. Hector believes that no adversity is too great when you embrace life through hard work. Through positive thinking and hard work, people can overcome anything.  For more information on Hector, visit

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins. Amazingly, they share a single body even though they have separate heads. Each twin controls her own half of the body, but working together, they are able to do just about anything. In other words, Abigail controls one arm and one leg, while Brittany controls the other arm and other leg. Yet, they walk with a steady gait, they can clap, type and do almost anything. They can even drive a car and ride a bicycle. Each twin’s sense of touch is related to their own side of the body and they are constantly learning new things about their body as they conduct their own experiments.

They have a single body with separate heads and necks, but their chest is wider than a normal body. Abigail’s head tilts laterally outward about five degrees to the right while Brittany’s head tilts laterally about 15 degrees to the left causing her to appear shorter.

The twins have two heads, two spines with separate spinal cords, two arms, one ribcage, two hearts, two breasts, four lungs partially fused, one diaphragm, two stomachs, one liver, one large intestine, three kidneys, one bladder, one set of reproductive organs and two legs. It is simply an amazing sight to see how they function.

They have stayed positive in going through life and they have the same goals and aspirations as other teenagers. In 2008, they both graduated from high school. They also have both successfully passed their drivers license exams. After high school, they began college at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and they majored in education.

Currently, they star in their own reality series on TLC, which documents their daily struggles, but also their incredibly positive attitude. It is called Abby and Brittany. (video clips from some episodes can be seen here:

These girls are such an inspiration because they don’t lament the challenges in their lives. Normal to them is being just how they are and they accept that reality. As one of their friends stated on the TLC show, Abby and Brittany are stared at constantly, but they take it all in stride and seem determined to live life to the fullest extent. To watch their personalities shine through and to discover how they are able to function should give inspiration to anyone who looks introspectively at the challenges in his or her own life.

Patrick Ivison was just 14 months old when he was run over by a car. He was walking with his mother when he was run over by a stranger causing severe damage. He sustained a spinal cord injury and spent six weeks in the hospital before leaving in a wheel chair. He was paralyzed from the waist down.  The September 1995 accident changed his life forever. 

But Patrick never let these challenges hold him back and he kept his spirits high. As a teenager, he entered the U.S. Open of Surfing and was a featured athlete at the event. He was also a member of his high school surf team in San Diego, California. Videos of Patrick surfing are all over You Tube. 

Patrick became an ambassador for Life Rolls On, a subsidiary of the Chris and Dianna Reeve Foundation. He was featured on the Today Show where he discussed his motivation for life and his inspirational outlook. "It is important to get back out there and live life to the fullest, with or without an injury," said Patrick.

In June 2012, Patrick fulfilled a promise when he walked across the stage to accept his diploma at Scripps High School. To an auditorium full of applause and cheers, Patrick struggled to take step after step across the stage. Watch the video above to see a true moment of inspiration.

Patrick routinely is requested as a motivational speaker and even gave a talk for TEDx Youth program in San Diego. (see video below). During the talk, he shared a favorite quote of his that inspires him every day to live life to the fullest: "Don't be afraid your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin."