Richie Parker was born without arms in May 1983. But that didn’t stop his parents from giving him a normal childhood and it didn’t stop Richie from learning to first be independent and then very successful in life. He learned to ride a bike with no arms and later, he learned to drive a car.

 For the last eight years, he has worked for Hendrick Motorsports designing chassis and body components for NASCAR’s most winning organization. "Based on his resume, I knew he could do the things that I needed him to do, it was more a question of how,” said Rex Stump who is the engineering manager at Hendrick. He writes with his feet, he uses a keyboard and mouse with his feet and he uses his chin and shoulders to carry things.

ESPN recently featured Richie Parker’s story and his successes at Hendricks Motorsports. During that show, Richie summed it up perfectly: “I don't know there's a lot in life ... that I'd say I can't do – just things I
haven’t done yet.”

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