Frederick Dukes overcame homelessness and hunger to graduate high school. Keeping a positive attitude and staying determined, he was able to accomplish his goals despite the overwhelming odds. When Frederick’s stepmom decided to move back to North Carolina, he decided to stay in Atlanta. For two years, Frederick had been homeless and often felt hungry. But that did not stop him from going to school and studying hard.
“A lot of people talk about doing things, but you can’t talk about it. You can’t think about it. You can only just go and do it,” said Dukes, a senior at Washington Senior Academy.

“I’m still a high school student. Even though I am dealing with the hardships of adults, I am still a young man and teenager at the moment in time.”
“My lowest moment over the last two years was this Christmas break when it was cold and I didn’t have anywhere to stay,” said Dukes. “I knew if I didn’t stay on myself, nobody would. If I didn’t care, nobody else would care. If I didn’t help myself, nobody else would help me,” said Dukes.
Despite all the hardships, Dukes graduated from one of the top schools in the state.

“Your environment is not what makes you. Who you are is what you do and the decisions you make is what makes you who you are,” Dukes said.
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9/23/2012 09:45:04 am

He is a very courageous boy and I congratulate him for that. But I wonder, did the school knew about his situation? Did they tried to help? Is he currently living in the same circumstances or has a place to stay? If not, how can we help? Thanks for sharing his story with us!


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