Patrick Henry Hughes has a story that is both inspirational and motivational. Patrick was born without eyes and with a disability in his arms that did not allow them to straighten properly. Despite these challenges, Patrick's family quickly realized by his second birthday, that he was somewhat of a musical genius. Patrick soon began playing the piano with grace and emotion that astonished everyone around him.

Now, Patrick also plays trumpet and is even in the marching band at the University of Louisville. "I mean, God mad me blind and didn't give me the ability to walk, I mean, big deal," said Patrick. "He gave me the talent to play piano and trumpet and all that stuff."

Patrick's life philosophy is that of a fighter. "I'm the kind of person who is going to fight until I win. That's my main objective - fight until I win." Patrick's spirit and motivation to keep moving forward should serve as a shining example to anyone facing challenges in life.

But the other heroes in this story are Patrick's parents. His mom works full time to supplement their income and still takes care of Patrick's daily needs. His father works the graveyard shift at UPS in order to be up during the day attending classes with Patrick and even wheels him around the football field in the marching band. The love that exudes from these parents to their child is endearing. "He's my hero," said Patrick's father.

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