Liu Wei is a twenty five year old disabled pianist from Beijing, China. He was just ten years old when he had both arms amputated after touching a high-voltage wire during a game of hide-and-seek. Despite his new challenges, Liu Wei was determined to learn to care for himself. His parents encouraged him to learn to do things on his own, so that he would be able to grow up as a productive member of society. His mother would always remind him that he was no different from the others, but that he had to work harder to achieve success.

While in the hospital, Lui met an armless painter and he used that as inspiration and motivation to learn to do more things for himself. He learned to use his feet to write, to eat, to brush his teeth, pick up objects and all other tasks of daily living.  Liu Wei even learned to be an excellent swimmer and, in 2002, he won two gold medals and one silver medal at the Chinese National Swimming Championships for the Disabled.

He started playing piano seven years ago at the age of 18. It was difficult and he often had to practice seven hours a day, just to progress. In 2010, he entered the China's Got Talent competition and he moved the audience to tears with his first performance. Lui Wei went on to win he competition with his final performance. (see video above)

Liu Wei is an amazing role model for anyone who feels that they have challenges in their life that are too great to overcome. He continues to inspire people across the world every day.

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