Matt Golinski is a celebrity chef in Australia who you might
have seen on the show Ready, Set, Cook. In 2011, Matt suffered a horrific tragedy that took the life of his wife Rachel (38) and his three daughters, Starlia (10) and twins Willow and Sage (12). A fire started in their Sunshine Coast home and took everything in Matt’s life.

 Although Matt was spared himself, he ended up with severe burns on 40% of his body. He also has limited mobility in his arms due to a condition called heterotopic ossification, that is common in burn victims and causes your elbows to lock up. There is also nerve damage in his fingers which has affected his grip strength.

Since the incident, Matt has very much remained in the public eye. In many interviews, he has discussed the physical and emotional journey he has taken since losing his family and going through a difficult recovery.
 “I have no idea why I was spared from the fire but I am determined to look forward and live a life that would make them proud,'” he said in his first interview since the tragedy. “I want to honour the memory of
Rachael and our girls by finding a silver lining somewhere in these dark clouds. To say my world has been turned upside down is an understatement. Although the loss of my family is unfathomable, at this stage of my recovery I am simply grateful to be alive and to have experienced the love of my beautiful wife and
three daughters.”

In April 2013, Matt returned to the celebrity chef world and began cooking on stage at the Jan Power
Farmer’s Market in the Brisbane CBD. Along with other celebrity chefs, Matt also has started a charity called Plates for Mates, which aims to raise money to assist in developing techniques to help heal burn victims.

Matt has also found love again. During his recovery, he developed a close relationship with his personal trainer and physiotherapist Erin Yarwood. "They clicked right away, a lovely friendship formed and, slowly
and gently, their feelings have changed. It’s become a very special love story," a friend told an Australian magazine. 

Despite still being plagued by issues with his health two years later, Matt has gone back to long distance running, which was a passion of his before the incident. He is trying to make the most of his second chance by training for a marathon - with the help of his trainer, Erin, of course. Matt’s story is inspirational in that he appreciates what he had in his prior life and honors his love for that family, while still moving forward to make the most of his time left on earth. Included in that plan is sharing his story with others and helping to assist other burn victims. That is what you do with a second chance!

Read more at: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/matt-golinskis-new-lease-on-life-sees-him-smiling-again/story-e6frfmqi-1226668823971
Plates for Mates website: http://platesformates.com.au/

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that is common in burn victims and causes your elbows to lock up. There is also nerve damage in his fingers which has affected his grip strength.


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