Zach Hodskins is an exceptional high school basketball player who has excelled for his school and also on the AAU circuit. What makes Zach unique is that he is so good despite the fact that he is missing the bottom half of his left arm.  In February 1996, Zach’s parents were shocked when their son was born missing half his arm. According to his father, there was no real reason for the missing limb. Zach was a healthy child and they just had to accept that he would grow up with only half a left arm.

From the time Zach was a little kid, he not only accepted it, but he embraced it. His father always treated him as normally as possible and Zach really took to the game of basketball. Zach has really become a star on the court as a guard on his high school team in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

Opposing players often think the best strategy is to make Zach go to his left, but Zach has seen this so much that he has actually learned to go to his left as good or better than his right. In fact, he played so well
during a 2013 AAU camp, that he was named one of the most impressive prospects.

Now, he is even receiving interest from colleges. First, UAB had interest and most recently, the University of Florida has offered him the opportunity to make the team as a preferred walk-on.

 When asked what motivates him, Zach said: “Passion and love for the sport helps me overcome all obstacles. To this day, I haven’t come across anything I can’t do. I know that people who don’t know me sleep on me when I walk on the court. They don’t think I can play or they don’t know what to think, but it’s when I hit those first few shots or when I go by them is when they wake up. That’s when they start playing me hard. And that’s what I love. I know that I have just earned their respect and that’s all I want.”

For more info on his recent offer from Florida, read this ESPN article:

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