Josh Blue was born in 1978 with cerebral palsy. But he did not  let this condition stop him from doing what he loved when he grew up. You see, Josh is funny and he says he is funny because he has always just wanted to fit in. So, naturally, Josh became a comedian and has proven to be quite successful
on the comedy circuit.

 Josh was on the fourth season of the reality TV show called Last Comic Standing where he was voted the winner. He has also appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee and has had numerous appearances on ABC, NBC and Fox. He has even had his own Comedy Central special recently.

Much of his comedy centers around his disability and his experiences dealing with the unexpected occurrences due to his disability. He has found that people respond well to his self-deprecating humor and it his way of showing people that everyone has something to deal with, so why not just laugh about it. Check out his stand-up routine above. He is hilarious.

For more information, visit his website: www.joshblue.com 

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