Many of you have already heard about Dave Pelzer’s remarkable story, but if you haven’t, you must read his books, starting with his childhood memoir: A Child Called It. He is a survivor in every sense of the word. Dave was born in San Francisco, California.  He had two older brothers and two younger brothers.

As he states in his book, Dave was the victim of continual abuse by his mentally disturbed alcoholic mother, who mentally and physically abused him for 12 years. He describes how she would beat him, force him to drink ammonia, starved him, stabbed him in the stomach and even held his arm over an open flame on the gas stove. On one occasion, after throwing up, she forced him to eat his own vomit. The details in the book are horrific but his courage to survive even as a young child make this a book that you won’t be able to put down.

In March 1973, when Dave was 12 years old, his teachers finally stepped in and Dave was placed in foster care. Years later, it was determined that Dave’s case was identified as one of the most gruesome and extreme cases of child abuse in Califorina history. His subsequent books describe his journey through foster care and ultimately his journey into manhood.

After his rough childhood, Dave was determined to make something with his life. He joined the Armed Forces and was ultimately hand-picked to handle midair refueling of the highly secretive SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117 Stealth Fighter, which played a major role in Operations Just Cause, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Now, Dave is a #1 New York Times Best Seller and motivational speaker. He has been inspiring audiences and readers for over 25 years. In 1990, Dave was the recipient of the JC Penney Golden Rule Award as California Volunteer of the Year. He has received personal commendations from Presidents Regan, Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush. In 1993, he was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the United States Jaycees. 

Per his website, “Dave is a living testament of a self-made man, who as an optimist, strongly exudes reslilience, service to mankind, personal responsibility and faith in humanity. Dave’s unique and intriguing outlook on life, coupled with his Robin Williams-like wit and sense of humor, entertain and encourage all of us to truly commit to overcome any challenge, while living life to its fullest.” For more information, visit his website: www.davepelzer.com

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