Matt Long, is a New York City firefighter and the author of “The Long Run”. Matt was struck by a bus and critically injured on the streets of Manhattan while riding his bike to work in the winter of 2005. He received 68 units of blood in the first 40 hours following the accident and spent 5 months in the hospital.

He had 40 surgeries in less than two years and has been in physical therapy since. Matt survived this horrific accident due to his high level of fitness and determination as an active runner and Ironman triathlete, both of which helped him in his recovery.

He established a foundation called: I WILL FOUNDATION to help others to achieve their own come-back after tragedy. The foundation provides mentors and coaches to help people get back out there and get back in the game of life. It is Matt’s perseverance that he wants to share with others who may think things seem impossible.

Matt attributes his turning point to when he stopped listing what he wanted to do and started listing what he WILL do. His outlook post-accident changed and his comeback started. On the front page of Matt’s website it says: “No longer will I wish . . . no longer will I want . . . from now on . . . I will.

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