In 1992, Hector Picard was working as an electrician when he suffered a most horrific accident. It almost cost him his life. The tragic incident caused 13,000 volts of electricity to enter his body leaving second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. He spent four weeks in a coma and when he awoke he learned that his right arm and half of his left arm had to be amputated. He was only 24 years old at the time of the accident and he was forced to adjust to his new reality. He was now a bi-lateral amputee.

Hector decided that he would not live in depression. He would not allow his situation to go into a downward spiral where his life ended. In many ways, his life was just beginning. Hector decided to train for and compete in triathlons. He wanted to do it for himself but also to give inspiration to other people who live with disabilities.

Since July 2009, Hector has competed in over 30 triathlon events, including seven Half-Iron Man triathlons, five Olympic triathlons and even two international triathlons. Hector lives in Miami and was named the recipient of the 2010 Paul Mitchell Spirit Award for U.S. Para-Triathlete of the Year.

Hector says that his goal in competing in events is to bring awareness to the physical challenged and show their capabilities. Hector believes that no adversity is too great when you embrace life through hard work. Through positive thinking and hard work, people can overcome anything.  For more information on Hector, visit www.dontstopliving.org.

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