In August 1998, Nick Scott’s life changed forever. The young  athlete on his way to football practice had his world turned upside down when a tire blew on his car and caused it to roll over five and a half times. He fractured his spine  at the T-1 vertebrae in his mid-back and the L-1 vertebrae in his low back. He was instantly a paraplegic.

After the accident, Nick had to fight hard to recover and learn to live with his new reality. But the days were long and he became discouraged. He eventually became severely depressed and often wished that the accident had just finished him off rather than leaving him in this state. His depression led to weight gain. Soon, Nick saw his weight balloon to over 300 pounds.

Trying for a little normalcy in his life, Nick went back to the gym to try lifting weights, which was a passion of his prior to the accident. At first, he was discouraged watching other people being able to do many exercises  that he could no longer do in his wheel chair. But then he tried the bench press. To his amazement, he could still bench press a significant amount of weight even though he had to adjust his

Bench-pressing gave him some confidence and allowed him to focus on new goals. He decided that he could still attempt to be stronger than anyone else. Nick became a weight lifter and then a power lifter. Ultimately, this led him to the world of wheel chair body building and after his first show in March 2006, he set out on a mission to tell the whole world about the sport. He has become the poster child for wheel -chair bodybuilding.

 Nick’s philosophy on life is quite inspiring. “The way I see  it,” said Nick, “I believe I am in the wheelchair for a reason. God had a different path for my life and he chose me to go through what I have for a
reason. The man I have become has affected so many people's lives and they have affected others. It is like tossing a stone into the water and starting a  ripple. The day of my accident I was given a gift—a gift of a second chance at life. Instead of wishing things could be different, I am grateful to be given another chance and I will live my life. After going through everything I have gone through, I know firsthand how precious life is and how quickly your life can change. It doesn't matter if my glass is half-empty or half-full; I am just
grateful I have a glass.”

 Now, as a professional author and speaker, in addition to the body building, Nick uses his enthusiasm and life experiences to inspire other people. He wants to give hope to others that they, too, have the strength to
overcome challenges if they just trust in God and harness their inner-strength. To learn more about Nick, go to his website: www.nickfitness.com

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Offer different wheelchair for all people who have problems with mobility

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To his amazement, he could still bench press a significant amount of weight even though he had to adjust his technique.


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