Arthur Renowitzky speaking to a group of high school students.
Arthur Renowitzy was shot point blank outside a San Francisco night club by someone he didn’t know and never saw again. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was medically induced into a coma for twenty-three days. He survived the shooting, but when he awoke, he was paralyzed from the chest down and was told that he would never walk again. He was eighteen at the time of the shooting, a young man just starting out with his life.  

After he was released from his rehabilitation, he entered into a severe depression and spent several weeks in his bedroom, twenty-four hours a day with tinfoil on his windows. He was debating suicide until his father and brother forced him out of the house to try hand cycling. He then met a wheelchair basketball coach and found his new passion. Although he was now in a wheelchair, he decided to make the most of his life and move forward with the realization that life must go on. He now plays for a semi-professional wheelchair basketball team called the San Jose Spokes. Arthur had made a decision during his recovery that he would embrace his new reality rather than spiral into depression.

He also established the Life Goes On Foundation, whose aim is to help bring an end to gun violence among young people in California. Arthur does not want to see another young person become a victim of gun violence. Today he runs the foundation and hits the streets, speaking about his incident and spreading his message of  peace. He also speaks at special events. Like me, Arthur had people in his corner giving him encouragement, but it was his decision to get back into the ring.

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