Fiona Page was a small town girl who lived a pretty normal life in Blackshear, Georgia. She went to college to get her degree in teaching, married her college sweetheart, and began a career she loved teaching children. In 1983, at the age of 40, she was divorced and, although she continued teaching, she signed up for storytelling classes, finding a new passion.

In the late 1980's, she had two life changing events: she won the Christa McAuliffe fellowship and she lost her eyesight. Imagine the terrible feeling of having had vision for 40 years and then losing it completely. 

But Fiona did not feel sorry for herself. She immediately got back to doing what she does best: teaching and storytelling. The publicity from her award and her sudden loss of vision allowed her to embark on a 15 year career continuously speaking to others about embracing change and using storytelling as a teaching tool.

Fiona has since written a book about her ordeal called "My Nightlife is 24/7 . . . From Tragedy to Triumph." You can check it out here: www.fionapage.com. 

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