Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer at the age of 14.  The cancerous bone tumor, called osteosarcoma, led him to multiple surgeries and months of chemotherapy. All of these treatments proved unsuccessful. In 2012, the cancer spread to his lungs and pelvis. The doctors felt that he only had a few months to live and his mother suggested that he start writing letters to people he cared about.

Instead of letting this diagnosis lead him into a world of depression, Zach decided to do something with his life in order to share his spirit with others. He wanted to let his loved ones know just how much he cared for them and he never stopped smiling even until the end. Over the next few years, he took to music and wrote down his thoughts in the form of inspiring lyrics. He wrote several songs, but the one that has become most famous is called “Clouds.”

Last week, Zach passed away on May 20, 2013. His You Tube video has gone viral and his song “Clouds” soared to #1 on iTunes. Actor, Rainn Wilson (from The Office) was moved by Zach’s story and SoulPancake created a short documentary about the teen called: “My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech.”

To hear Zach’s song or watch the short documentary, click the videos.  What a spirit Zach had!

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